Dec 25, 2015

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‘What you seek is seeking you.’ – Rumi

Neeta Lulla’s new bridal collection 2015-16 is conceptualised on this very notion – let the garment guide you to your ideal match, for what you seek is seeking you.
Whether you are a bridezilla or not, obsessing over your perfect bridal outfit is pretty normal for every bride-to-be. Choosing “the one” is an act so personal; it’s almost pious, and nowhere an easy task. You might be decked in the most elaborate and expensive wedding lehnga with gorgeous tassels, but it just might not feel right – like something’s amiss.
And after tossing over scores of other similarly attractive options, you finally find it…. A voice whispers to you…“This is it! This is the one!” it says. You know that the gorgeous diva smiling back at you through the full length mirror is your own reflection, yet it is much more than your true form – like this bridal dress has transformed a caterpillar, that you were, into a majestic butterfly. After rejecting so many you know deep in your heart – this is the one!
So you think you chose the outfit? Think again!
We are often under a delusion that we choose our outfits but the truth is that the outfit chooses us. You might be dressed in the most expensive brand but if you are not comfortable in it, it’s not for you. And this stands true for every apparel you select. So why should it be any different for your wedding dress?

The Mastermind:
True to the form, our Czarina of Bollywood fashion, Neeta Lulla’s bridal collection 2015-16 highlights her trademark style of infusing chic contemporary tones with age-old classical elegance. There is something for everyone! This versatile designer plays with finest works from simple silhouettes to most exquisite heritage appliqué work of kanjivaram; kalamkari art work and elaborate jardosis, creating a quintessential collection for every bride. This entire collection is showcased through the video The Neeta Lulla Bride 2015-16 – A Fashion Film. But most of all this video is an essential guide for every bride-to-be on how to select the perfect wedding outfit.

The fashion film is conceptualised on the dogma – it is not you who selects the garment, but it is the garment that selects you. Every apparel has a mood… has a voice. It converses through its feel and its touch. The video takes you on a romantic Sufi journey with the bride-to-be in her search for the perfect outfit for her wedding day.
Just like in Sufism, we have a seeker and a beloved i.e. the Divine, even here the girl (Bride-to-be) is the seeker and The Garment is her beloved.
It teases her by giving her many choices. With every different option we see the bride’s different moods. At the touch of her beloved, she transforms from being confused and shy, to passionate and more emotional, someone who thinks for herself. She yearns to be the fairy-tale bride someday soon, yearns for that perfect one. At a point she becomes arrogant and turns away when she seems to have found an apparently decent match.
It’s then that the garment guides her inwardly to seek the real truth, to help her find that perfect outfit. Magically through a whisper it ceases all her confusion, makes her let go all her conditions and clears her mind. It is in this oblivion that she emerges with clarity and finally finds her true match.
It is how he makes her go through a bride’s different moods in different options of garments, only to help her find the one which is true to her heart, is how this fashion film unfolds, all the while showcasing the entire Neeta Lulla wedding collection.
Every emotion depicted in this short fashion film is what a bride-to-be goes through while selecting her perfect wedding dress. Sometimes she adjusts with the seemingly decent choice. But it is only when she lets go of her reservations and conditions and surrenders to the voice of the garment that she finds the one she is searching for.
The very essence of Neeta Lulla designs is that they inspire the brides and urge them to listen to their inner voice rather than the look of the outfit – essentially letting the outfit make the choice of its bride.

Have an exclusive look at Behind the Scenes of The Neeta Lulla Bride 2015-16 – A Fashion Film.


Apr 9, 2015

In a tete-a-tete with our very own Czarina of Indian Fashion, Neeta Lulla talks about fashion trends, styles and trousseau tips for the Summer bride of 2015.

What’s the colour trend for this season?
Hot pink. It is vibrant and can look good embellished or textures. Shades of Gold, Nude and Beige with a pop of colour look classy and elegant for this years summer bride.

What would you advice Brides to think about while choosing their wedding ensemble?

Always buy your jewelry first and co-ordinate clothes and accessories around it. Jewelry is your major investment besides wanting to wear it with other ensembles too.

Go for colours and silhouettes that reflect your personal style & flatter your body type. The modern day bride radiates confidence and that can only happen when you are comfortable in what you wear.

Tips while shopping for trousseau?

The perfect trousseau wardrobe has a mix of ensembles that are trending and classic. Remember trends change and you don’t want to end up with too much stuff that is trending today and may go out of style later. Have a very practical approach while selecting ensembles. Look at colors that you would like to wear often and cuts that are not to over the top as they often look dated later

Watch out for quality and not quantity.

Sari or Lehenga for your wedding day?
The lehenga is traditional and timeless and will never go out of style. It has a more magnanimous and gorgeous appeal and can be made interesting with different drapes.
The Sari on the other hand can add a dash of freshness and work for the bolder, contemporary bride who can carry off a sari with as much ease and elegance. What’s important for a summer bride is to look effortless yet stunning!

How would you go about selecting accessories?
Go with neutral bags and shoes. Always look at usable formal and informal accessories which are more classic rather than fad

The biggest myth related to trousseau shopping?
Buy heavy clothes and heavy accessories, as the trousseau should look presentable

What colours and ensembles do you recommend for different occasions?
Smaller family functions like pujas, get-togethers and other ceremonies like Mata Ki Chowki, one can be bold with colours and silhouettes with minimalistic work.

As the wedding day approaches, for weddings with multiple functions, one should start with lighter hues like neutrals, beige and golds, teamed with lighter jewellery and go heavier and brighter with every next function

Yellow and orange are great for Mehendi, summer hues like mint, lilac and powder pink look elegant for Sangeet/Cocktail.

The Wedding day can either be the classic red/maroon and green which is timeless and ethereal.


Mar 11, 2015

47943_146050765428314_1580578_nIn her 30 years of styling and designing, Neeta Lulla has seen multifarious changes in the industry and says business is booming thanks to the fashion awareness of the people and their fondness for dressing up.

“The Indian fashion industry is headed to become a very serious business due to the immense fashion awareness in our country and demands of trendy garments pan all strata of our society. The biggest change has been branded garments and ready to wear clothing,” Lulla told IANS in an interview.

She also feels that one of the most beautiful things about Indian culture is the “sola shringar” of the bride so “I think dressing is here to stay.”

Lulla is amongst the most awarded fashion designers in the country with four National Film Awards in her kitty. She won the prestigious awards for her work in “Lamhe”, “Devdas”, “Baalgandharva” and “Jodhaa Akbar”.

During her career, she has styled the look for some of the finest Indian films and biggest stars and worked with many prominent directors.

She has worked in over 300 films in more than seven languages in Indian and international projects and has now added another feather to her cap by designing for period drama “Kochadaiiyaan – The Legend”, the country’s first Photorealistic Performance Capture Film.

Starring southern matinee idol Rajinikanth, the film has been directed by his daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth Ashwin. The cast also has names like R. Sarath Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Jackie Shroff, Shobana and Aadi Pinisetty.

“Being a part of ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ is definitely a milestone in my career. I have crafted and conceptualized the entire look for each of the characters in the movie,” Lulla said.

“This project is different from my previous Bollywood projects because ‘Kochadaiiyaan – The Legend’ is India’s first Photorealistic Performance Capture Film. The highlight, however, remains designing the look of Rajinikanth, who stars as a legendary mythological character in the film,” she added.

Crafting the perfect look required a lot of research. Around 150 costumes per character were designed on paper and 20 to 25 of these were selected and detailed.

The designer also created a range of 20 to 30 looks, especially for Rajinikanth’s armour suit, as well as for the supporting cast of “Kochadaiiyaan”.

“The costumes were created on a sketch format first in colour then a croqui created by CG technicians for Rajini sir. Detailing was added to it. The process took almost six-eight months of sketching and re-sketching details.

“A lot of research was conducted to achieve the right looks, especially to create it in apt colors with the right fabric; its dull luster and embroidery details,” she said.

Even jewellery required a lot of research.

“It required sketches and eventually mounted in form. The armour had a lot of detailing that was achieved through careful understanding of its movement and appeal in keeping with the era,” she said.

What changes has she noticed in costune designing in Bollywood in over two decades?

“There were lots of changes in Bollywood between the 1980s and 1990s. The silhouettes developed a mature definition and there was a sense of elegance,” said the designer, who considers Sridevi and Hema Malini as the most stylish Indian celebrities.

Internationally, she chose Sienna Miller and Helen Miren.

Contributed for Business Standard by Nivedita


Feb 23, 2015

“Taste life in style” – they asserted in their brief at the Blender’s Pride meetup, and instantly Neeta Lulla was reminded of the splendour and panache in fashion taking her back to the 50s era of Madhubala & Marilyn Monroe….and thus has unfolded The Vintage 50s collection, exclusively designed for The Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour 2014!

The collection unveiled a time travel – an exciting journey of style where Neeta Lulla was the only designer to cover all 3 cities of the BPFT tour from the flamboyant Delhi to elegant Hyderabad and finally the trend setting city of Mumbai. Instantly the crowd was taken in Aweby the graceful and dainty couture, crafted with such delicacy and splendour.
Empowered with style, this collection was yet another showcase of Neeta Lulla’s trademark design to celebrate womanhood. Some of the most influential women from the city of sultans walked the ramp as showstoppers gracefully representing the spirit of women empowerment.

Gurgaon: Actress Esha Gupta showcases fashion designer Neeta Lulla's creations  at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2014, in Gurgaon, on Nov 23, 2014. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS)
Esha Gupta and Aditi Rao Hyadri did complete justice to this collection with a yesteryear coy charm and yet a modernistic and sensualdemeanour -a perfect blend between the 50s era and power of style today.

Gorgeous Esha Gupta walked sporting the showstopper outfits followed by Aditi Rao Hyadri.

Inspired by the golden Era of the 50’s, the collection has an ethereal undertone radiating glamour. From flared cuts, to scooped hemlines to peplum styles to crop tops to bias skirts, and everything prime. The ensembles exude sheer elegance and are dominated by vintage hues of gold, beige, ivory and black. The voluminous silhouettes have been teamed with intricate textures of ribbon work in satin and detailed ornate hand work of a mix of gota and crystal on tulle and silk. The sheers and nude hues give every garment an element of mystery and enigma – symbolic of today’s modern yet elegant woman.

We are thrilled to present this versatile collection, which is a mix of our runway, diffusion and couture. And now that you are spoilt for choice; be prepared to be in a tizzy when it comes to picking that perfect 50’s dress to flaunt your vintage persona this wedding season. Browse the collection on


Apr 11, 2014

The Whistling Woods – Neeta Lulla School of Fashion opens in August 2013

wwi-nl logoMay 9th, 2013: Thinking of fashion as a career option? You no longer need to look at Paris or Milan for a formal education. Two legendary game-changers in their respective industries, Subhash Ghai and Neeta Lulla, have joined forces today to create a revolutionary fashion school, the Whistling Woods – Neeta Lulla School of Fashion (WWNL) in India. Spearheaded academically by Neeta Lulla and featuring a guest faculty of renowned fashion industry greats, the WWNL aims to create the next generation of fashion designers and fashion industry professionals. The WWNL will commence classes in August 2013 with admissions opening in the second week of May 2013.

Speaking at the formal launch, Subhash Ghai, Founder and Chairman- Whistling Woods International said “Fashion has always played an integral role in films. Through fashion, characters come alive before the camera. Neeta Lulla who has spent so many years with the industry has continually strived to grow the field of fashion, both within the film industry and outside of it. I’m delighted that Whistling Woods is partnering with her to create the Whistling Woods – Neeta Lulla School of Fashion”.

Courses run will be a Diploma in Fashion Design (1-year) and an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design (2-years). Students will undergo a rigorous and thorough curriculum designed under the tutelage of Neeta Lulla and adhering to the high academic standards set forth by Whistling Woods. The WWNL School of Fashion will also be bridging the gap between industry and academia by bringing on board an Advisory board consisting of industry specialists, guest & visiting faculty from the industry. The institute also plans to invite globally renowned teachers from Europe’s finest fashion schools and the global fashion industry to deliver guest lectures.

Neeta Lulla, winner of four National Film Awards for Best Costume Design, who has partnered with Whistling Woods International as the Dean of the WWNL, said, “When I started out in the fashion industry, there were limited options available within fashion education in India but today, it gives me great pride to announce our school of fashion that will train fashion aspirants to excel at the highest levels. I could not see a better fit than Whistling Woods to partner with and to launch a structured comprehensive School of Fashion and I’m thrilled to be working with Subhashji and his institute for the same.”

Ms.Meghna Ghai-Puri, President-Whistling Woods International said “We’re very excited to be launching the fashion space. This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and we couldn’t have found a better partner. Whistling Woods has always been the best platform for industry aspirants. With the launch of the Whistling Woods – Neeta Lulla School of Fashion, we are reinforcing our commitment to developing local talent in all spheres of the thriving Indian film industry.”

Mr. Subhash Ghai and Ms Neeta Lulla at the formal launch of the Whistling Woods- Neeta Lulla School of Fashion (WWNL)  Mr. Subhash Ghai, Ms. Neeta Lulla and Ms. Meghna Ghai-Puri at the formal launch of the Whistling Woods- Neeta Lulla School of FashionMs. Neeta Lulla and Ms. Meghna Ghai-Puri at the formal launch of the Whistling Woods- Neeta Lulla School of Fashion

Subhash Ghai talks about the Whistling Woods - Neeta Lulla School of Fashion with Ms. Neeta Lulla and Ms. Meghna Ghai-Puri

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