The making of the Neeta Lulla Bride 2016

Dec 25, 2015

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‘What you seek is seeking you.’ – Rumi

Neeta Lulla’s new bridal collection 2015-16 is conceptualised on this very notion – let the garment guide you to your ideal match, for what you seek is seeking you.
Whether you are a bridezilla or not, obsessing over your perfect bridal outfit is pretty normal for every bride-to-be. Choosing “the one” is an act so personal; it’s almost pious, and nowhere an easy task. You might be decked in the most elaborate and expensive wedding lehnga with gorgeous tassels, but it just might not feel right – like something’s amiss.
And after tossing over scores of other similarly attractive options, you finally find it…. A voice whispers to you…“This is it! This is the one!” it says. You know that the gorgeous diva smiling back at you through the full length mirror is your own reflection, yet it is much more than your true form – like this bridal dress has transformed a caterpillar, that you were, into a majestic butterfly. After rejecting so many you know deep in your heart – this is the one!
So you think you chose the outfit? Think again!
We are often under a delusion that we choose our outfits but the truth is that the outfit chooses us. You might be dressed in the most expensive brand but if you are not comfortable in it, it’s not for you. And this stands true for every apparel you select. So why should it be any different for your wedding dress?

The Mastermind:
True to the form, our Czarina of Bollywood fashion, Neeta Lulla’s bridal collection 2015-16 highlights her trademark style of infusing chic contemporary tones with age-old classical elegance. There is something for everyone! This versatile designer plays with finest works from simple silhouettes to most exquisite heritage appliqué work of kanjivaram; kalamkari art work and elaborate jardosis, creating a quintessential collection for every bride. This entire collection is showcased through the video The Neeta Lulla Bride 2015-16 – A Fashion Film. But most of all this video is an essential guide for every bride-to-be on how to select the perfect wedding outfit.

The fashion film is conceptualised on the dogma – it is not you who selects the garment, but it is the garment that selects you. Every apparel has a mood… has a voice. It converses through its feel and its touch. The video takes you on a romantic Sufi journey with the bride-to-be in her search for the perfect outfit for her wedding day.
Just like in Sufism, we have a seeker and a beloved i.e. the Divine, even here the girl (Bride-to-be) is the seeker and The Garment is her beloved.
It teases her by giving her many choices. With every different option we see the bride’s different moods. At the touch of her beloved, she transforms from being confused and shy, to passionate and more emotional, someone who thinks for herself. She yearns to be the fairy-tale bride someday soon, yearns for that perfect one. At a point she becomes arrogant and turns away when she seems to have found an apparently decent match.
It’s then that the garment guides her inwardly to seek the real truth, to help her find that perfect outfit. Magically through a whisper it ceases all her confusion, makes her let go all her conditions and clears her mind. It is in this oblivion that she emerges with clarity and finally finds her true match.
It is how he makes her go through a bride’s different moods in different options of garments, only to help her find the one which is true to her heart, is how this fashion film unfolds, all the while showcasing the entire Neeta Lulla wedding collection.
Every emotion depicted in this short fashion film is what a bride-to-be goes through while selecting her perfect wedding dress. Sometimes she adjusts with the seemingly decent choice. But it is only when she lets go of her reservations and conditions and surrenders to the voice of the garment that she finds the one she is searching for.
The very essence of Neeta Lulla designs is that they inspire the brides and urge them to listen to their inner voice rather than the look of the outfit – essentially letting the outfit make the choice of its bride.

Have an exclusive look at Behind the Scenes of The Neeta Lulla Bride 2015-16 – A Fashion Film.

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