Apr 11, 2014

Evolution of fashion is a never ending criterion. From basic silhouettes to trends, be it during the ever-changing seasons with variations of color and fabrics, the fashion followers keep pace with the trends that can sometimes leave you breathless or aspiring for more! The two basic forms of dressing can be categorized into wearing classics or fads.

Classics are styles that have evolved over a period of time as popular options to dress up for any occasion. For example- The little black dress that was designed by Channel or be it the National dress of our country- The saree. Fads are the styles that shoot up on the trends ladder as fast as they decline! For example- A dolman sleeves dress or zouave pants which were popular in the eighties. Classics remain in fashion for a long time, they can be expensive with fabrics that last longer and have a particular elegance to it. Whereas fads are styled with fabrics that are inexpensive, do not have prints that prevail and do not remain in fashion for long.

This is where the debate on wearing classic styles versus sporting the hottest fashion fad comes in. While dressing in classics, you’d be picking up styles that have been around for a long time, or keep coming back in style time and again. Fad, however, refers to fashion styles that come and go fleetingly, while you’re still stuck wondering why you bought that piece of apparel in the first place!

A concept followed by people who love to dress up and follow the trends, classic fashion gives a glimpse of an unchanged style which translates into comfort wear. Anything simple like a color that has been predominant at one point of time, like black or even the bandgala and the evergreen kalidaar kurta are examples of classics.

If you are in doubt about the trends, here are some options from our classic and fads collections. With a variety of anarkalis and lehengas which have been in fashion for decades together and can be worn at any occasion, to the heavily worked upon bridal collection and the latest collection in bright accents, there’s so much we have on offer that you’d be spoilt for choice! So, go ahead and log on to www.store.neetalulla.com

Classics from the latest collections:-

Neeta Lulla Classics_1

Neeta Lulla Classics_2

Neeta Lulla Classics_3

Neeta Lulla Classics_4

Neeta Lulla Classics_5

Neeta Lulla Classics_6

Fads from the latest collections:-

Fads from the latest collections_1

Fads from the latest collections_2

Fads from the latest collections_3

Fads from the latest collections_4

Fads from the latest collections_5

Fads from the latest collections_6


Apr 11, 2014

With the rising craze of various social media sites and the advancement of technology there has been a convergence of lifestyle shopping towards the internet. This has created a drive within corporate and business organizations bigwigs to cater to their needs via E-commerce.

Homemakers/housewife’s too are also an integral part of the E-commerce client base.

Today teenagers would be looking for a lot of fashion updates and tips and can be prospective buyers, while working professionals would be more interested in blogs and convenient shopping on the online store. Hence it has become imperative for fashion designers and luxury brands to have an online store, facebook page, twitter accounts, blogs on various fashion sites, fashion apps and a wide range of online activities.

Thus, E-marketing turns out to be a very vital aspect of the Neeta Lulla brand which helps it cater to an existing client base as well as increase its presence across international geographies. Inline activities, coupled with offline events play a crucial role in boosting the awareness of the brand as well as enhancing visibility across the globe.

The product line on the Neeta Lulla e commerce site includes something for everyone and comprises of tunics, sarees, churidar kurtas, bridals etc.

There is also a separate made to measure section for brides who want their ensembles customized. This process can be carried out within a month.

The Neeta Lulla brand promises great service quality and timely delivery through this online channel which is at par with any of its stand alone stores internationally.


Apr 11, 2014

Aston-Martin Brunch Aston-Martin Brunch (1) Neetu Chandra_Astom Martin Brunch

Neeta Lulla Aston martin brunch


Apr 11, 2014

Launch VIP Trousseau luggage (3)Launch VIP Trousseau luggage (1)

VIP luggage brand launched the new range of Neeta Lulla trousseau luggage to be available in all their premium stores in Delhi and Mumbai.


Apr 10, 2014

 Shruti Hassan walked-for Neeta Lulla-2011 (3)Shruti Hassan walked-for Neeta Lulla-2011 (2)Our latest Spring summer line with beautiful  free flowing lines have been updated on the Neeta lulla online store www.neetalulla.com as well as are available in our flagship stores.The ensembles are crafted with a multitude of panels and drapes giving it the romantic volume and flow. The collection comprises of Stitched sarees, Churidar Kurta’s, Sarees, tunics & Dresses that are beautifully embellished with laces, cutwork and crystal work that spell true opulence. The truly romantic & wearable collection will bring out a range of summery & bright colours like pink, peach,orange, green, yellow & predominantly beautiful white’s and off white’s signifying elegance of an era gone by, but never forgotten. The beautifully crafted crochet and cutwork Embroideries and embellishments combined with light fabrics like chiffon’s, georgette’s & nets in free flowing silhouettes give the collection a 20’s look and is apt for the summer

Do visit the boutique section in the website to locate our retail presence in your city.!!

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